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Sicilia svelata / Sicily unveiled

“Sicilia svelata/Sicily unveiled”Sicile dévoilée” – short documentaries series for TV and web, written by Jean Paul Barreaud & Gabriele Gismondi in collaboration with Alessio Algeri.

Supported by Sicilian Tourism Department & Sicilian Film Commission.

© 2021 All rights reserved

THE PROJECT: Discover the hidden Sicily told through events, places and mysteries out of the traditional cultural and tourist promotion channels. With an original style and content, each episode of this series constitutes a real journey in time and places on the island (and consequently the Mediterranean), among stories and mysteries, cultural and religious elements of ancient memories still visible. Author and lead role of this trip is Jean Paul Barreaud, multifaceted French cultural guide in Sicily since the early ’80s, who will lead the viewer/traveler in search of remotest Norman cathedrals, “home” of knights Templars; magic herbs forgotten and magnificent castles, alternating historical insights to direct experiences in his quest. Thanks to Jean Paul, “Sicily unveiled” thus becomes the framework of an island never seen, made of European and Mediterranean roots that centuries have kept hidden: an imaginative land, rich in colors, flavors and fragrances, with unpredictable landscapes, penetrating eyes, alternating cults, powers and religions.


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